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Kat Fehring


Kat Fehring, Miss Kitty, Kit Kat or crazy Kat she will answer to them all! Her career as a mountain guide began in Alaska and took her to the depths of New Zealand and South America. She has a thirst for travel, talking and entertaining. Kat came from the mountains of North Carolina and has been in the Rockies for over 12 years. She has traveled the world, from climbing peaks in Norway, Indonesia and Peru to completing the Ptarmigan Traverse this past year in the North Cascades. She has a passion for people, connection and making peoples laugh. You will hear her before you see her. 

Kat got her start by spending her summer seasons as a backpacking guide for high school students all across the world. After studying abroad almost every year of college, Kat was ready for yet another adventure, she packed up back home and headed WEST! 

In Aspen, she started as the local weather girl, her first season in the valley. Kat came for the summer and stayed for the winter. She teaches adaptive skiing in the winter and has a growing dog business in the valley. She is our summer woman, some years she even chased summer across the globe. She enjoys hiking, biking, thrift shopping and booking flights. You will commonly find her with someone’s dog out in a trail. Kat is a ball of energy and one you will never forget. 


  • Wilderness First Responder

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