Steve Denny

I consider myself a new school guide that prioritizes depth and breadth of the mountain lifestyle experience alongside high standards of safety and objective success. I am riding the wave of a new era of American Mountain Guides, and I am working my way through the program to create experiences that are unrivaled and completely satisfying.

True freedom began when I graduated college and stared out at the Colorado mountains. In an instant there I stood, my entire future in my hands, with all the time in the world to cruise down whichever avenue enticed. I’ve always been most attracted to pursuits that require a lifetime to master. Rock climbing, big mountain skiing and all forms of cycling are in the vanguard of these lifetime pursuits.

Spending time in the alpine and vertical world hardens a person quickly, and I feel to be no exception. The obvious elitism that comes with physically climbing higher than, and looking down upon, the rest of the world is addicting. Of course, that elitism is only kept in check by the risk involved with these pursuits. When pushing my climbing and skiing to new levels, there is no question where the edge lies. These extremes put life, and the entire world, in perspective. Overcoming the fears, assessing the risks, and constantly making quick decisions on the fly have sculpted me into who I am today. The mountains have created a person that can handle it. I will always find a way in or out of a tough situation. Most importantly of all, I can see myself through all of the most trying times with a smile on my face.

It is an honor to be a part of the team at Aspen Expeditions, and to share these defining experiences with you as your guide. I hope that we can spread the courage for people to explore their passions, learn from their mistakes, and fearlessly live the life they truly believe in. I will lead by example, and always have an encouraging word. If you ever need a reason to give it all you’ve got, let me help you get out and get after it - I’d love to stoke your internal fire and redefine what you thought possible of yourself.

I also gave Alex Honnold my chalk bag once, and totally saved his life.