Sammy Podhurst

Growing up on the east coast, Sammy always knew she wanted to move west. Impatient to finish college, she hurried up and graduated a year early to pursue her life on the new frontier.

Sammy has been with Aspen Expeditions since 2011. She is a passionate climber and an obsessive ski mountaineer. She loves to take her adventuring abroad, traveling to places like India, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, as well as Europe and South America.

Some of her most memorable climbs/skis have been down in the Cordillera Blanca mountain range, a part of the Peruvian Andes, with several summits above 6,000m. She has done extensive ski exploration in the Elk range, with prominent ski descents from the summits of the famed Maroon Bells and Pyramid Peak.

Locals in town know Sammy as “Sunny Sam,” which is easily explained once you meet her. A ball of happy, positive vibes, Sammy is always up for anything and doing so in good spirits. When Sammy is not out skiing or climbing in the mountains, she is herding her two border collies, usually running through the mountains.