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Steve Denny


Steve is considered a new school guide that prioritizes depth and breadth of the mountain lifestyle experience alongside high standards of safety and objective success. He creates experiences that are unrivaled and completely satisfying.

He is honored to share these defining experiences with you as your guide. Steve hopes that we can spread the courage for people to explore their passions, learn from their mistakes, and fearlessly live the life they truly believe in. He will lead by example, and always offer an encouraging word.

A lifetime of sport has awarded Steve with an unparalleled experience through the discomforts of true adventure and disciplined training. The lessons learned are applicable to every ride, hike or ski, and the keys to success can be shared for your next big adventure.

Steve Denny


  • AMGA Ski Guide Course
  • AMGA Rock Guide Course
  • AIARE Pro 1
  • PSIA Alpine L2
  • PSIA Child Specialist 1
  • USA Cycling Coach L3
  • Wilderness First Responder