Tents w/o Gents

Join Lindsay Gurley, Adventure-based Life Coach + Mountain Guide, and Sarah Herron, Ability Advocate and Adventurer, in partnership with Aspen Expeditions for a weekend of empowerment in the backcountry, as we backpack from Aspen to Crested Butte. Imagine hiking through fields of wildflowers, camping under the stars, and building confidence in the outdoors as we walk between two of the coolest mountain towns in Colorado. We will spend three days and two nights in the wilderness as we make our way to Crested Butte for a night to relax, have marg's and stay in town. This is for anyone who identifies as female and is ready for an epic adventure. More details at www.LindsayGurley.com/tentswogents or www.sarahherron.com/trips. Please contact Sarah or Lindsay with any questions.