Backcountry Ski Camps

  • January 16-17, 2016:  INTRODUCTION TO BACKCOUNTRY SKIING This camp is offered for either the entry level uphill skier and/or those who are new to the backcountry. Topics will include: Proper gear choice and use of skins, AT boots, dressing and packing for a day's BC tour, uphill technique/tracksetting, kick turns, basic route finding... all with access to the Aspen backcountry yet completely avoiding any "Avalanche" terrain.

    February 13-14, 2016: AEW/Salomon Ski Camp....Ski Touring "LIGHT AND FAST" with the Salomon Mountain Academy highlighted: Just how light is 'right' and how fast is fast enough? With an emphasis on the use and choice of lightweight skis/boots and layering for conditions while covering lots of terrain. Not necessarily a race clinic, but offering the optimal performance techniques to shave time, energy and weight without compromising the safety, comfort and ultimately the goal/destination!

    March 12-13, 2016: Freeskiing technique: TOP TO BOTTOM with Salomon Athlete Pete Gaston and Salomon Ski Pro Kipp Ertl: Lift serviced backcountry with emphasis on the direct access from ski areas to the adjacent backcountry. The focus of this camp is a balance of decisions involving a 'fall-line' preference in gear choice, natural/uncontrolled snowpack, risk management, group dynamics and communication, avalanche hazard assessment and mitigation along with rescue strategy and associated likely medical emergencies.

    April 2-3, 2016: SKI MOUNTAINEERING (Alpine ascents/descents) with Salomon Athlete Pete Gaston and AEW guide Britt Reugger. With a mature and stable snowpack the goal of this course will be teaching and utilizing Alpine Mountaineering skills to truly define "Mountaineering on Skis". The proper use of an ice axe, boot crampons, harness, rope and basic belaying/knots will be incorporated to ascend and ski one of Aspen's classics peaks (ex. Castle Pk, Mt. Hayden, Garrets Pk, etc). This 'camp' is also ideal training for many of Aspen Expeditions' international "Grand Tours" (ex. European Haute Routes, Mustagh Ata, etc)
  • Duration: Daily Tours -  Approx 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

    Location: The guide will be in touch with you the day before to determine your meeting place. If you need AT gear call 970-925-7625 to schedule a time to get setup at the backcountry center at Aspen Highlands.

    Maximum Guide Ratio:  4:1 

    Fitness Level: All tours are custom and suited for your physical ability and needs.

    Includes: AMGA trained/certified ski guide, use of avalanche beacon, shovel, probe & ski pack, 3% USFS land use surcharge

    Not included: personal skiing equipment (Alpine Touring (AT) ski, or snowboard equipment (available for demo at $15 discount), single ride lift tickets, lunch/snack food.

    Please contact us via phone at 970-925-7625 or email/form to determine the best date for you or to request more information.
  • Prep- Your guide will contact you the day before at the voice number you give us to discuss appropriate terrain for you and to confirm a meeting place and start time.

    You will be provided with a pack w/probe, shovel & avalanche beacon.  If you need alpine touring ski equipment (AT skis, skins, boots) we can arrange to set you up the morning of at 8:30 am at Aspen Highlands shop or the night before between 3:00-5:30 pm. (You will receive a $15 discount.) 

    The Day - Meet your guide at our shop or at a pre-determined location. From there your will head out to the trailhead. The guide will choose the appropriate terrain dependent on conditions and the ski ability of the group. You will stop for lunch and snacks en route. (lunch/snacks are not included)

    Please contact us via phone at 970-925-7625 or email/form to determine the best date for you or to request more information.


    The following items are provided for your day tour:

    • Day-tour backpack: (airbag available)
    • Avalanche Transceiver
    • Probe
    • Avy shovel: metal blade is a must

    The following Demo AT rental ski package is available for $15 discount per person ($45 pp):

    • Touring skis or splitboard and boots
    • Climbing Skins: adjusted to skis
    • Ski Poles (adjustable length optional)


    • Socks: Wool or synthetic ski socks
    • Base layers: Synthetic, wool or silk bottom, underwear and top
    • Mid Layer: Synthetic or wool zip shirt
    • Hard Shell or Softshell pants: A pair with side vents are best. 
    • Insulated vest or jacket: down or synthetic. 
    • Hard or Soft shell jacket: waterproof and breathable, no or little insulation. 
    • Gloves: a pair of heavy gloves and a pair of medium weight gloves
    • Hats: one with brim, one for warmth
    • Neck Gaiter or Balaclava: optional, but nice to have
    • Helmet (recommended)
    • Sunglasses
    • Goggles 


    • Water bottle
    • Small thermos: (Optional)
    • Sunscreen and lip balm: water/sweat-proof
    • Headlamp
    • Toiletries, Personal first-aid kit: for your personal meds/needs
    • Camera or Smartphone
    • Lunch/Snack food 
    Please contact us via phone at 970-925-7625 or email/form to determine the best date for you or to request more information.
  • Participants will travel through the winter backcountry for field days on skis, splitboard with skins, or snowshoes. Come dressed appropriately with warm layers for moderate physical exertion in cool and wintry weather. 


    It is suggested that you maintain a good level of physical fitness. Maintain and build heart and lung endurance with cardiovascular activities such as swimming, cycling, running and hiking. Hike up hill, up stairs or do squats to prepare your legs for mountain travel.


    Follow a day of  backcountry ski touring with another ski day, a lift access backcountry ski tour, a backcountry ski camp, hut trip or international ski trip.

    Please contact us via phone at 970-925-7625 or email/form to determine the best date for you or to request more information.

    Booking/Cancellation policy: AE requires a full credit card or cash/check payment to hold your reservation. Cancellations made within 7 days of a scheduled course will be charged full price. Travel Guard insurance is available via website.

    Risk Management

    Please note: AEW's number one priority is your safety. Many conditions affect our guides' decisions in the mountains, including client fitness and comfort, weather conditions and route conditions. There are inherent hazards in mountain travel such as inclement weather, avalanches, rock fall, ice fall that our guides manage yet cannot eliminate. The combination of our guides' formal training and wealth of experience assures that their sound decision create an enjoyable and safe mountain experience. Aspen Expeditions reserves the right to turn around or change routes without refunds or credits under any conditions. 

    Please contact us via phone at 970-925-7625 or email/form to determine the best date for you or to request more information.